Hisham Talat Moustafa is AN Egyptian man of affairsWHO had been electoral in 2004 to the Shura Council within the Parliament of Egypt.[1] because the former chairman and head of the important Estate Branch of the Talaat Moustafa cluster, his webvalue was calculable at $800 million in 2007

Hicham Talaat Moustafa in Madinaty

A City of International Standards in Egypt

Madinaty‘s well-designed and detailed master plan was the result of a collaborative effort between three top U.S. design firms: HHCP, SWA, and Sasaki. The outcome has been a modern city whose design focuses on providing all present and future requirements of its inhabitants and visitors.

Hicham Talaat Moustafa
Hisham Talaat Moustafa
Hesham Talaat Moustafa
Hicham Talaat Moustafa in madinaty
Hicham Talaat Moustafa in opening madinaty
Hicham Talaat Moustafa - openning madinaty project
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